How to build apartments suitable for quick sale?

How to build apartments suitable for quick sale?

The accelerated development of Croatia as a widely known tourist destination has motivated a significant number of people to buy apartments, houses and other holiday properties on the Adriatic. As a result of increased demand, many investors found potential interest and the opportunity to earn money through investments in the construction of real estate for touristic purposes, and in particular building apartments for sale.  

Looking to the side, if you have certain financial resources, investing in building and selling apartments seems to be a rather lucrative and simple way of achieving additional financial gain. However, in order for the funds invested to be truly fertilized and result in the desired profit, they need to be returned in a relatively short period of time. In order to be able to realize a return on investment within a reasonable time, there are a number of assumptions you should meet. However, there are several key factors that will certainly contribute to the successful realization of a project to build an apartment building and result in quick sales and return on invested funds.  

Among these are the general quality of the destination, the choice of suitable micro location and terrain location, the quality of the project solution, the characteristics of construction suitable location and quality of terrain, the completion of the real estate, the neatness of the accompanying owner and technical documentation and the maintenance of completed real estate. If you are thinking of a similar investment venture, we believe that experience and the interpretation of these factors can be useful. 


General quality of the destination and location 

Experienced builders will point out that for successful construction and sale of real estate on the first, second and third place of importance you can find location. The general term of a location consists of several constituents, namely: destination or place where it is being built, location or quart in destination and particle / real estate position within micro location. Each of the three components mentioned above has a significant impact on the market demand for the property you intend to build.  

Looking for real estate for buying, almost every buyer already has in mind destination in which he wants to have a real estate. To apartment buyers are usually the most attractive three types of destinations, which are: places where they can reach relatively quickly from their place of residence, places that have good layout and general infrastructure, and places that have or are close to some extraordinary natural beauty.  

From the Adriatic destinations, buyers mostly buy real estate in places that are easily accessible and have good traffic connections to the continental part of Croatia. To buyers of tourist real estate such as apartments play a very important role in the general layout of the place, which is manifested by careful planning of the area, clean and well-kept beaches, promenades, parks, squares, wide streets and public streetlights, etc. Also, the proximity and the environment of exceptional natural beauty are obviously attractive to many customers. Given the aspirations of the investor to sell constructed apartments as soon as possible, investment planning should certainly focus on the destinations gravitated by the largest number of potential customers.  

Once you have chosen a destination, the second phase of the search involves selecting the location in the selected destination. Buyers of tourist properties such as apartments mostly dream of locations close to the sea, near the centre or the newly landscaped quarters or a quiet location surrounded by greenery and similar. Such sites are generally expensive, but certainly a good guarantee of the viability of the investment.  

Rarely people are ready to for a 15-minute drive by car to reach the nearest beach. Although the sites at such locations are considerably cheaper than on attractive locations, the time of selling such apartments is considerably longer, and therefore the viability of the investment is questionable. If you do not have a concept that will provide people with something with more comfort during vacation than the comfort of the centre or beach or a nicely decorated neighbourhood, be sure to choose a location that provides one of the above. 

In addition to this, it is necessary to choose a field that will not harm the potential of your investment with its shape and size. In practice, it is not easy to find the terrain of ideal shape and orientation, so investors are often forced to choose challenging dimensions and shapes after finding a good location. It is certainly not necessary to neglect the potentials of land for the location and orientation of the property in space. It is logical that most of the customers of tourist apartments imagine the apartment with a terrace oriented to the sea or the centre of the place.  

Wise builders will also take into account the possibilities and the way of placing the property in space so that each of the apartments in the building provides some extra quality such as a nice view, a garden, an additional space and similar. You should be aware that often an unsold apartment can mean a negative investment amount. 

In general, looking for the location where you plan to build apartments, you should be guided by the desire to attract as many people as possible. Attractive locations are engulfed by a growing number of customers, which increases possibility for faster sales and realization of projected financial goals. 


Quality of project solution 

When planning the real estate, it is advisable to carefully design the outer back and sides of the building and the interior of the building. It is desirable for the building to fit into the surrounding area as best as possible, to cause curiosity to the potential buyers.  

It can be built in a typical, autochthonous seaside style or modern style with lots of glass and metal. The facility does not need to have much details, but it should be harmoniously built. It is recommended to have a bright and wide columnar space that contributes to the pleasant first impression of entering the building.  

In addition, buyers of tourist properties prefer open spaces. In case you plan to build a corridor, it should be small and more open. Although the rules of the architectural profession include the planning of the corridor for the sake of electricity savings, customers prefer open spaces due to the specificity of summer residence in such spaces.  

The most desirable are apartments with connected kitchens and living rooms with large openings, two bedrooms, separate bathrooms and toilets. Be sure to plan the construction of terraces and similar spaces where people want to spend most of their vacations.  

Try to build an object in which each apartment will have at least one quality apart from the apartment itself. These qualities refer to a garden, a view to the sea, a tavern, a barbecue, a hydro massage bath on the terrace, a roof terrace, a high ceiling, a fireplace, etc. They represent added value and will be highly appreciated by the customers. Every customer wants to get the most benefits and value for the price he will pay. 


Characteristics of building suitable for locality and quality of terrain and to the price of terrain 

Appropriate quality of building is expected for properties located in good locations. Embedded materials do not always have to be the most expensive in the market, but the property should be constructed with great attention and no disadvantages.  

Customers often like to see some detail that stands out in the apartment, whether it's a stone wall, glass fence, fireplace, wood or ceramic flooring, exotic parquet, lowered ceiling, LED lighting, fully equipped kitchen, hydro massage bath, pool, pergola or some another functional or decorative detail. It is not necessary that the interior of the apartment includes all above listed to be attractive, but it is desirable to give the customer something that will attract him at first glance. Offer him a detail that gives the impression that you did not save for construction and the investment will pay you out.  

Customers who decide to buy an apartment in the sea of bad real estate for sale will appreciate the effort you have invested in the construction of your apartment building and will achieve a higher selling price.  


Completion of the building 

Nobody likes to pay something and then spend more time and money in order to complete the job that the seller was already supposed to do. The completion of a property is an extremely important factor in the construction of apartments for sale. Customers avoid unfinished real estate and situations where they need to invest their time in ending their job. By paying their savings, they expect to get a property that is fully completed and functional. Whether it's a bulb or a door lock, unfinished details break the overall impression of the quality of the property. As a result, you should work as an investor and a seller to finish all the work before giving real estate to buyers. 


The cleanliness of the accompanying ownership and technical documentation 

In addition to each property, the accompanying ownership and technical documentation is attached. Ownership documentation proves ownership of the property, and technical or construction documentation proves that the real estate is legally built. When selling, it is important that both types of documentation are neat, so that the buyer can easily register himself as the owner and ensure that the legality of the construction is respected.  

As a seller of the apartment you are obliged to ensure the neatness of the documentation in a timely manner. Take all the steps you can before and do not let the customer to wait too long with the documentation. Customers who are reluctant to buy a real estate could even give up their purchase if they see that they will not receive all of their supporting documentation timely. You can read more about the types of ownership and technical documentation and how to maintain their regularity. 


Maintenance of finished buildings 

Once the apartment building is completed, it is extremely important its neatness. There are innumerable examples of investors who, by their negligence for the neatness and purity of the building, reject almost certain buyers. It is advisable to pay special attention to maintaining the cleanliness and neatness of the apartment until the sale of all the apartments.  

When presenting the apartment, it is necessary to show it in the best possible light. Entering a messy or dusty new property creates an extremely negative impression. It is very important to eliminate any unpleasant smells that may arise from the drain if you have not radiated your object for a while. If you have entrusted the masters to removing the defects or completing the minor details, be sure to check the condition of the space after leaving and clean if necessary.  

A prospective buyer came to see what he was paying for his money and wanted to see the best he could get. If you want to sell a property quickly, be amongst those whose homes will show you the benefits and the cleanliness.



With a wealth of sales experience, we would point out that these factors have a significant impact on quick sale of apartments, as well as other types of holiday properties such as houses, cottage and the like. Therefore, taking them into account is highly recommended to all sellers who want to do business successfully. To resolve any doubt or obtain additional advice on how to build an apartment, it is wise to contact one of the specialized agencies – real estate brokers. Their experience in the aforementioned issue can certainly help you plan the construction of facilities that the market will accept well.