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Zagreb is the capital city as well as economic and social center of the Republic of Croatia. It is located at the foot of the southern slopes of Medvednica at a height of 122 m above the sea. Zagreb stretches along the northern and southern banks of the Sava River and administratively includes 72 urban settlements and 17 city districts.

Dubrava covers the area of two city districts, namely Gornja Dubrava and Donja Dubrava. The area of Dubrava stretches across the eastern part of the city of Zagreb. In line with the general development of Zagreb, both Gornja Dubrava and Donja Dubrava are developing spatially and infrastructurally, which contributes to the increase in the number and quality of real estate in Dubrava.

For you, we are continuously working to increase the selection of real estate, houses, apartments and land for sale in Gornja Dubrava and Donja Dubrava as well as its surroundings. Below is a gallery of currently available properties for sale in the area of Gornja Dubrava and Donja Dubrava.
Square size
53 m2
177.000 €
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