About Us

Stan Grad Ltd. is a company that is registered in the Commercial Court of Zagreb for building and real estate services. In the first years of business this company has executed work for other investors. Between 1996-1997 Stan Grad Ltd. developed thirty housing projects in rebuilding Hrvatska Kostajnica and also built complexes located on Bukovacka Cesta in Zagreb. From 1998 to the present this company has invested in building residential establishments for the current market. During this period of time Stan Grad Ltd. has built twenty residential establishments that have culminated in over one hundred residencies. Also during this time the company has built five urban establishments (villas) in the norther part of Zagreb and two multi-complex buildings in the Omis area that contain twenty apartments. Since 2003 Stan Grad Ltd. has also been doing business on the island of Krk, primarily in Malinska, where they have provided a market of more than fifty establishments. Some of these establishments can be viewed below by following the email address provided. From mid-2014 the company has also evolved the business to include real estate and property sales. This company began as original builders and sellers but has evolved into becoming an intermediary provider in order to move forward and compete in the broader current market. The Stan Grad Ltd. business offices are located on the island of Krk in Malinska, Dubasljanska Cesta 134.

Stan Grad Ltd. is focused on the provision of services in two different but connected sectors of real estate sales and service. The primary focus of the company is to broker services in real estate business while also providing mediation in real estate sales. In addition, Stan Grad Ltd. also offers services consisting of running and managing building and investment projects for partners who order these services.

Concerning real estate sales, Stan Grad Ltd. is focused on the island of Krk and the coastal riviera approximate to Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski, which is also known as Kvarner. This company is very diverse in the real estate market, offering multiple lot sizes, old and new homes, vacant lots for building, farmland, luxury villas including pools, stone houses on the coast and inland, and establishments with business prospects. Aside from basic real estate brokering, which entails finding and presenting real estate properties and information regarding legal status, Stan Grad Ltd. also provides administrative services that include contract administration, assistance services for legal aspects of contract development, processing legal marketing in land books, tax services, all public transfer bills from previous to new owners, and other required paperwork and filing necessary in real estate and property sales. The company can also help to provide specialized lawyers for necessary services.

Aside from being mediators in real estate and property sales, Stan Grad Ltd. has gathered experience in arranging, leading, and realizing contracts and investment projects for the past twenty years. The company is aware and familiar with the current market and is confidently ready to offer expertise to investors that do not have time to personally pursue the leadership of these types of projects. Besides being brokers, Stan Grad Ltd. can assist in project management, acquiring necessary building permits and paperwork, building supervision, floor studies, cadastre and land registry, and providing competent and professional leadership throughout the entire investment process.

Whether you decide to buy or sell real estate or properties or would simply like to invest in current building projects, please contact Stan Grad Ltd. and we will ensure that the job is done safely, efficiently, and cost-prohibitive. Our experience, knowledge, and kindness are at your service.