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Baška is a wonder of nature and one of the brightest pearls of the island of Krk and the Adriatic. It is the administrative, cultural and social center of Baška Municipality, which includes a little more than fifteen hundred inhabitants. It is located in a valley of a typical Mediterranean landscape, among olive and grape plantations and pine trees in the southeast of the island of Krk. Baška has the characteristics of a Mediterranean climate with pleasant springs, warm summers with little rainfall and mild autumns and windy winters, and the average summer temperature of the sea in Baška reaches 25° C. The special relief, geological and climatic conditions of this region have encouraged the tradition of growing vines, figs and olives.

In addition to beauty and diversity, Baška is proud of its cultural heritage, tourism and gastronomy. It is known for the early monuments of literacy, the characteristic architecture of the local core and the remains of the Roman settlement and sacred monuments. The symbol of recognition of Baška is Vela plaža, one of the most beautiful pebble beaches on the Adriatic, but there are a number of smaller pebble beaches in the immediate vicinity. Baška abounds in tourist and hospitality facilities such as hotels, campsites, apartments, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. During the season, Baška offers recreational facilities, music festivals, tastings and numerous social events.

If you are looking for real estate for sale on the island of Krk, Baška is an extremely attractive location. We have prepared a very good selection of apartments and houses for sale. Available apartments, houses, land and luxury real estate for sale in Baška are shown below.
Square size
50 m2
210.000 €
Square size
120 m2
Plot square size
550 m2
470.000 €
Square size
250 m2
Plot square size
672 m2
2.000.000 €
Square size
120 m2
332.000 €
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