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Real estate Novi Vinodolski (4)

Novi Vinodolski is a cute little town on a hill in the southeastern part of the Vinodol Valley. Favorable geographical position and good traffic connections make it one of the centers of weekend tourism. The town has a little more than five thousand inhabitants, who used to be engaged in wine production and cultivation of agricultural crops, and today mainly catering and tourism. Warm summers and mild and wet winters prevail in Novi Vinodolski, with an average summer air temperature of 29 °C and the sea up to 26 °C. New Vinodolski is shaped like a square castle with towers at the corners. A city surrounded by ramparts developed around the castle, parts of which are still perfectly preserved today. Since ancient times, the city has retained its medieval structure of narrow, winding streets and alleys and small town squares.

Novi Vinodolski is famous as the core of regional legislation and preserves numerous cultural monuments. In addition to a neat central square and a long promenade, along the coast there are swimming pools with exceptionally clean seas. In addition, Novi Vinodolski has an excellent, new nautical infrastructure in the form of two superior marinas with a higher capacity and excellent safety level. A very good catering offer and a number of decorated restaurants also fit into the above. Markets, markets, crafts and other facilities are available to residents, guests and boaters, which make it full of life throughout most of the year.

If you are planning to buy real estate in the area of ​​Novi Vinodolski, we can offer you several excellent apartments, houses and land for sale. Our offer of real estate for sale in Novi Vinodolski is presented below.
Square size
130 m2
Plot square size
219 m2
249.500 €
Square size
160 m2
Plot square size
129 m2
260.000 €
Square size
2.111 m2
422.000 €
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