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Real estate Dobrinj (12)

Dobrinj is a small town located in the northeastern part of the inner part of the island of Krk. It is located at the intersection of various traffic routes, and it can be reached within a fifteen-minute drive even from the farthest corners of the island of Krk. The small town of Dobrinj is one of the oldest castles on the island. Thanks to its excellent position on a hill above the shallow bay of Soline, this tiny town has a beautiful natural view. Like other small towns on the island, Dobrinj is characterized by small narrow streets and tightly built stone houses.

The wider area of ​​Dobrinj in the interior of the island includes the settlements of Gabonjin, Rasopasno, Kras, Gostinjac, Donja Hlapa and Gornja Hlapa, Žestilac, Polje, etc. This area has been an agricultural region for centuries. It is known for its social and cultural events and delicious local cuisine. Today, the continental area of ​​the Municipality of Dobrinj is a very attractive tourist location, which abounds in autochthonous stone houses and luxury holiday homes in a peaceful green environment.

Dobrinj has an excellent dynamic of infrastructure development and construction of new real estate, especially houses with swimming pools, but also other types of real estate. If you are interested in buying a property in a quiet and green location two or three kilometers from the sea, Dobrinj is an excellent choice. We have prepared for you a rich offer of houses, land and apartments in the Dobrinj area. See our offer of houses, land, apartments and luxury real estate for sale in Dobrinj below.
Square size
254 m2
Plot square size
724 m2
650.000 €
Square size
320 m2
Plot square size
800 m2
1.150.000 €
Square size
630 m2
Plot square size
184 m2
750.000 €
Square size
2.030 m2
225.000 €
Square size
152 m2
Plot square size
580 m2
620.000 €
Square size
255 m2
Plot square size
1.730 m2
1.200.000 €
Square size
120 m2
Plot square size
550 m2
465.000 €
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