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Vrbnik is a small, stone town on the east coast of the island of Krk. The small town with a fairy-tale appearance is located on a steep cliff above the sea. Vrbik has a population of approximately one thousand inhabitants, and due to its ancient secular architecture and rich cultural heritage, it is one of the most famous Croatian localities. The old core of the city on a natural elevation is made up of a network of narrow stone streets and cramped multi-colored houses, while the Mediterranean side of the city is completed by the blue-green color of the sea and the well-organized, fertile Vrbnica field in the hinterland of the city.

Climatic conditions in the municipality of Vrbnik favor the cultivation of autochthonous grape varieties and the production of the famous white wine, Vrbnik Žlahtina. Vrbik is predominantly an excursion location, but with a significant increase in tourists in search of quality wines, gastronomy, antiquity and an enchanting view of the sea. During the summer, a number of social events are held in the city center that enhance the experience of the city. In addition, Vrbnik offers a beautifully landscaped public beach and several more remote pebble beaches with crystal clear sea.

Vrbnik shows a very good trend of development and an increasingly better offer of houses with swimming pools, private apartments and some hotel accommodation. If you are interested in real estate for sale on the island of Krk, Vrbnik is a very romantic island location. We have prepared for you a rich offer of houses, land and apartments in the Vrbnica area. Selected houses, land, apartments and luxury real estate for sale in Vrbnik are presented below.
New listing
Vrbnik center, house with two apartments and sea view!
Square size
120 m2
260.000 €
Square size
200 m2
Plot square size
680 m2
299.000 €
Square size
1.000 m2
200.000 €
Square size
260 m2
Plot square size
477 m2
405.000 €
Square size
127 m2
Plot square size
307 m2
1.180.000 €
Square size
179 m2
Plot square size
322 m2
850.000 €
Square size
106 m2
Plot square size
40 m2
330.000 €
Square size
172 m2
Plot square size
108 m2
880.000 €
Square size
78 m2
Plot square size
33 m2
165.000 €
Square size
140 m2
Plot square size
851 m2
629.000 €
Square size
90 m2
Plot square size
930 m2
400.000 €
Square size
150 m2
Plot square size
500 m2
725.000 €
Square size
300 m2
Plot square size
950 m2
625.000 €
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