Punat is an unusually beautiful place on the southwestern coast of the island, located close to the town of Krk. A beautiful place with approximately 1,800 inhabitants is 32 km away from the Krk Bridge.

It is clamped along the eastern coast of the exceptionally deep bay of Puntarska draga, where the islet of Košljun is located. On the islet of a span of over a thousand meters, lush vegetation and exceptional plant wealth, there is a Franciscan monastery where monks have preserved many values throughout the centuries. This unusual natural beauty provides a truly enchanting sight of Punat, whether it is being approached from the sea or the island's mainland.

Punat is home to the hospitable people to whom Mediterranean climate has given the gentleness of nature, stone and sea care and workmanship. Its inhabitants have been in the past dealing with farming, cattle breeding, fisheries and shipbuilding. But the unreal natural phenomenon of Punat has attracted more and more visitors. This is why the beginning of the tourist development of the place begins at the end of the 19th century, when this region is visited by members of the Austrian aristocracy.

With the development of tourism, the settlement expanded, and the accommodation capacities and public infrastructure improved, but the place retained a simple coastal environment which is favoured by small stitched streets - kale, vault, baratas and taverns that preserve good wines, the primeval whitewashed pebble beaches in the immediate vicinity and vineyards olive groves in stone.

Puntars are particularly proud of their tradition of olive growing, which is evident from the very approach of the site when it is branching through densely planted olive groves along the Puntarka coast and will praise that almost every family produces its own extraordinary olive oil of high quality.

Apart from its natural beauty and olive grove, Punat is today known as one of the most important nautical centres in Croatia, considering the old and naturally protected marina that can accommodate up to 1200 boats in its deep well.

It is an ideal place for a great tourist stay because it is characterized by a wide range of daily boat excursions to nearby islands and especially recreational tourism. The Punat bay is extremely suitable for various types of water sports such as diving, windsurfing, water skiing and wakeboarding at the Krk ski lift; the resort has a new fitness park, while the hinterland is abundant with well-kept hiking trails suitable for hiking and jogging.

Quiet natural surroundings, great gastronomy and the possibility of active time and spiritual break in Košljun are the features that attract more and more visitors to this place.