Arranging and equipping real estate interiors

Arranging and equipping real estate interiors

The space in which we live is greatly affecting our quality of life and mood. That is why it is important that it is arranged as we want. When arranging and equipping a property, it is important to keep in mind its purpose, whether we are arranging it for our own needs or for someone else needs, i.e. for the purpose of renting it. If you plan to rent your house or apartment, then you have to arrange it according to the needs of your guests. Below you will find tips for everything you need to keep in mind when decorating and equipping the interior of the property.  


Decorating styles on the Adriatic  

There are four types of decorating on the Adriatic popular for cottage, apartment and house rental; traditional, Mediterranean, modern or a combination of several or all styles.   

The traditional style is the style of the past centuries, most commonly in the 20th, 19th and 18th centuries. Today, this style is not so popular, but many guests actually want to stay in a space that feels like time has stopped.   

Mediterranean style originates from northern Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Greece and Italy. The furniture looks like they are low with decorative legs and pillows, the frames are heavy, and the walls are of an expressive texture and most commonly blue.   

On the other hand, the modern style is characterized by soft, rounded lines of furniture and mild, light colours. Various combinations of styles create an interesting space and can be seen as well-used. Also, such styles attract the greatest number of people.  


Importance of dedicated time and organization  

You cannot arrange the space in one day. This also takes a lot of time and it is important not to speed up. You have to be sure which outlook of rooms you want and you will therefore choose furniture.   

Do not buy furniture that will bother you, but already evaluate the size of your space. In this way furniture and decorative details are more emphasized.   

You should be patient and organized in this process and buy piece by piece of furniture.  


Be creative  

Explore, look around, create options. Do not buy the first piece of furniture you see but release your imagination and creativity. However, be careful not to go in the wrong direction.   

So how did you imagine the decor at the beginning you should be use this picture as a guidance. Do not overdo it with the decor. Too much furniture and detail actually reduce your space and it looks crammed.   

It is important for guests to have enough space for a free passage and a pleasant stay.  


Quality of furniture  

The quality of furniture is extremely important and should not be taken for granted. You may find very inexpensive furniture, but what does it mean if you will soon have to buy a new one that will replace it after it collapses.   

We advise to buy quality furniture that will last for years. This will avoid the cost of re-purchasing furniture for the same purpose in a short time.  


The importance of illumination  

Dark spaces cause fear or discomfort to those who stay in them. Illumination is very important because your guests stay calm and relaxed. Today are very popular bigger windows and that the room cover large glass surfaces. The glass surfaces make the space larger and more open.   

Also, instead of the dark colours of the walls, choose bright, warm colours such as light yellow or colour of peach, as they make the room look warmer. Colour is the same useful tool if you want to make your space larger and you can paint the walls up to three quarters of the height and upper quarter and leave the ceiling in white. 

Other elements that considerably contribute to the eye's pleasant lighting include light dampers, night lights in the bathroom, etc. Lights that turn on by remote control or applauding are also welcome as they do not require extra effort from the guests.  


Room plants and decoration of walls   

You can give a little life to your space if you put in plants, whether the small or bigger ones. Your space will immediately look more beautiful and fresher. Mediterranean herbs are very welcome as guests can enjoy the autochthonous style.   

As far as the walls are concerned, empty walls leave the impression of imprecision or incompleteness. Photos and art images can make the space more sophisticated.   

Choose pictures according to the style of decoration you use so that the guests do not feel that the image does not actually belong to this space. Also, it is important that you hang on the pictures at eye level. The most common errors occur when the image is hanged too high.    


Unavoidable details  

There are key details that guests expect to find in real estate they rented. A large mirror in the bathroom is very important and generally everyone expects it. Boxes, cupboards and hangers for things must be present because guests do not want to keep their belongings in their suitcases.   

They want to feel at home, not to open every day and lock their suitcases as if they are going to travel every single day. The door mat will prevent garbage and dust from entering the apartment, and vases and fresh flowers are ideal for welcoming guests.  


Benefits of using architects' services or interior designers  

You can enter the process of designing and furnishing real estate independently or you can use the services of architects or interior designers. Experts in the field of decoration and furnishing will find out beforehand what are the good and bad sides of the space you are planning to arrange.   

During their work, they met with spaces of different sizes and shapes, and for this reason, they have ideas to make the best use of the space in front of them. Taking into account the wishes and demands of its clients, architects and interior designers will try to turn all the disadvantages of space into the benefits. In addition to the expert knowledge and experience they possess; these experts can save you a lot of time and nerves.   

The same furniture purchase can be long-lasting because it requires a search for the ideal furniture in various stores. Often it happens that no matter what we are looking for, we cannot find furniture that is just what we imagined. Interior designers know what a furniture market situation is and they can find furniture faster than you according to your preferences.