Jadranovo is a small, northern Adriatic tourist place located 8 km north of Crikvenica and 26 km southeast of Rijeka. At the site where Jadranovo is located today, it was previously called St. Jakov, mentioned in the documents almost six centuries earlier, whose name was changed to Jadranovo in 1952.

This beautiful tourist town near the Krk bridge has a very gratifying geographical position as the first tourist place east of Rijeka and the nearest sea beach to Zagreb. Like most of Kvarner southeast of the Krk bridge, Jadranovo is part of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, and administratively belongs to the City of Crikvenica.

The traces of the settlements of the old St. Jakov, and today's Adriatic, origin from the early Stone Age, from 6,500 to 4,000 BC, its inhabitants have traditionally been involved in fisheries and masonry through the recent history. According to the latest official list, Jadranovo has somewhat less than 1,200 inhabitants, but in reality around the year 700 people live there.

The main concern and economic capital of the local population is connected to tourist services in recent times, so interesting information is that there are more than 250 private landlords registered in Jadranovo, over 500 houses, apartments and rooms for tourism. During the hot summer months, Jadranovo receives more than 3,000 tourist visitors except the domicile population. The number of registered private accommodation capacities as well as the number of registered overnight stays over the past year increased by 10 to 15% on an annual basis.

This place attracts numerous guests with its exceptional natural beauty, peaceful ambience and pleasant Mediterranean coastal climate, socio-cultural events and gastronomic offer and offers content for an active tourist stay. Enchanting landscape, numerous coves, natural secluded beaches and crystal clear sea are certainly the most important places to visit. In addition, Jadranovo offers to the eye and heart pleasant harmony of pines and Mediterranean herbs and the promenade along the sea, while the unusual forms of stone dwellings testify the development of masonry techniques used by the population.

As a special attraction, should definitely be mentioned healing mud in the Lokvešica bay, which, next to the church of St. Jakov is also a valuable archaeological site from the time of the Romans. Except in line with natural beauty and antiquity, visitors of this place will enjoy the offer of home-made fish specialties, olive oil and wine.

In order to provide a more comfortable stay for the population and numerous guests, funds are invested in a number of infrastructure projects such as building up public beaches, extending the streets and promenades and building a public parking lot. Finally, the tourist offer of the Adriatic Sea will be rounded off with the possibility of active holidays by choosing sports and recreational facilities such as hiking, fishing, boating, water skiing, cycling etc.

Due to the soil configuration in this area, most of the real estate in Jadranovo have a beautiful panoramic sea view , which extends from the Kvarner Bay and the Krk Bridge to the island of Rab. Nevertheless, the average real estate price in Jadranovo is slightly more moderate compared to the island of Krk and the rest of the Crikvenica Riviera, given the somewhat higher degree of infrastructure development of the mentioned areas. If you are thinking about buying a property from which you want to see the sea at all costs, Jadranovo is a locality that you might like.