Vrbnik is an ancient small stone town on the eastern coast of the island of Krk. This small town of fairy-tale geographic position and cultural heritage, situated on a steep cliff rising fifty meters above sea, is undoubtedly one of the most famous Croatian places.

Its beauty for centuries serves as an inspiration to many artists. Thanks to its rich Glagolitic legacy, Vrbnik is often referred to as cradle of literacy in Croats and is praised as one of the Croatian national symbols.

The walk in this small and well-built city unconsciously returns you centuries back. Stoned seaside houses and narrow stone streets of the old core are its trademark, and guests will often hear the interesting thing that Klančić Street in Vrbnik is the narrowest street in the world.

Apart from the beautiful city and rich historical heritage, approximately one thousand inhabitants of Vrbnik are proud of the fertile Vrbnik field in the hinterland of the town, which for years has enabled the domicile population to breed native vine varieties and the production of famous golden wine of Vrbnik Žlahtina.

Although Vrbnik is still mostly excursion place, the conditions and the potential for tourism in it are very good. In addition to the described cultural and historical features, the city has a very nice public beach and several nearby or slightly further pebble beaches with crystal clear sea.

At present there is a solid offer of apartment capacities and family houses and some hotel accommodation. Vrbnik shows a very good trend of development that is reflected through the adoption of spatial planning plans and the construction of new traffic infrastructure.

In addition to the usual good gastronomic offer on the island of Krk and the offering of exceptional quality wines, during the summer months there is a series of events and various social events that make the stay of tourists more entertaining in this area.