Njivice is a small place with just over one thousand inhabitants. It forms part of municipality of Omišalj, about ten kilometres from the Krk Bridge and it is one of the youngest places on the island of Krk. Like in the whole northern part of the island and in Omišalj Municipality, Njivice prevails in a moderately warm climate without a dry season with pretty hot summers.

In the past centuries, Njivice was a small fishermen's village whose villagers continued to cultivate olive and cattle breeding. It was a place for decades recognizable by homes along the coast, boats and fishing nets and fish caught. But since 1930 and the construction of Hotel Luka (today's Adriatic), the tourist era begins in Njivice.

Today, it is a well-known North Adriatic tourist centre with excellent accommodation facilities, tourist and gastronomic offer. There are also be high quality hotels in Njivice, an auto camp with luxury mobile homes close to the sea and a number of private accommodation facilities.

In the centre of the town, where many restaurants, cafes and pastry shops are taking place, most of the social life of the villagers is carried out, with a recently restored local shore in a very nice style. In addition, the old harbour has been restored with a slightly expanded capacity for receiving the vessel.

Clean and beautifully arranged pebble beaches stretching out on both sides of the local centre are to be found in Njivice, while naturally rocky beaches with romantic bays that prevail outside the place. As a result of implemented infrastructure projects, construction of new apartment buildings and the preservation of natural beauty and purity of the sea, Njivice records continuous annual growth of visitors.

In addition to the preserved nature and good infrastructure, an important factor for the development of this place is to look into features such as the proximity of the mainland and the Rijeka Airport, which gives residents and visitors easy and comfortable access and departure. In the end, a peaceful coastal environment and excellent gastronomic offer will make the holiday in Njivice very attractive.