Malinska is a small place and centre of the Malinska-Dubašnica municipality, located on the north-western coast of the island of Krk. Although it is a place with fewer than a thousand inhabitants, Malinska is one of the most famous tourist destinations not only on the island of Krk, but on the entire northern Adriatic.

The main advantages and features of this site are outstanding geographical position and excellent traffic connections, climatic features and natural beauty. Geographically, Malinska is located in the small bay of the north-western coast of the island and is oriented in the west. It is located approximately 15 km from the Krk Bridge and the motorway and just a short distance from Rijeka Airport, which is a great convenience for residents and visitors of this place.

Its inhabitants often emphasize Malinska's sceptre in the Šotovento area, whose name is derivative of the Italian words beneath (below) and wind (the wind), referring to the vow. This area, namely, extends below a few smaller peaks that create a natural boulder from the wind. This protection and orientation towards the sunny west side favoured the development of vegetation and the creation of a mild submediterranean microclimate. Winters are mild and rainy, and the summers are warm and dry.

Due to the favourable climate, the former end of the forests and pastures, the inhabitants gradually transformed into oranges. By the end of the 19th century Malinska was a haven, and the arrival of a tourist parachute in 1880 suggested the beginning of a new, tourist era. Apart from summer tourism, this area, due to its mild climate and lush vegetation, was once the favourite hunting destination of the Viennese and Hungarian aristocracy in the winter months.

New times and the opening of a hotel resort Haludovo Malinska brings the flourishing of elite tourism and increases the population. From that time to the present, Malinska has recorded a continuous growth. From year to year, the site predominates by the amount of implemented infrastructure projects such as investing in beaches and promenades, parks and street construction, and a general increase in tourist accommodation capacity. New hotels are being built and consequently increases the number of private accommodation units in the form of luxury apartments and holiday homes, resulting in achieving a record number of visitors and their spending each year.

Apart from the excellent connections, the tempting climate, the natural beauties and the beautiful beaches, Malinska offers a tour of a few historic buildings such as the church of St. Mary Magdalene in Porto from the 15th Century or the Church of St. Apolinary in Bogovići dating from the 19th century.

During the summer months, this place can be experienced through numerous social activities such as traditional Malinska nights, tourist excursions, indigenous fish and other seafood specialties and entertainment programs at bars and nightclubs.