Situated in the north-eastern part of the island of Krk, for almost ten centuries of written history, Dobrinj is in continuity the administrative, political, ecclesiastical and cultural centre of the Dobrinj Municipality. Since it is located in the interior, at the intersection of various traffic routes, you can reach it with fifteen minutes’ drive and from the farthest parts of the island of Krk.

Although very small, with just over a hundred inhabitants, is still considered a city. It is one of the oldest parts on the island; early medieval city centre and is one of the most important centres of literacy.

Thanks to its excellent position on a hill that rises two hundred meters above the well-known, shallow Soline bay, this tiny town has a beautiful natural look. Although Dobrinj has no common city ramparts, their role almost artistically takes over a number of houses that are interesting to rise from the top of the hill. Like some of the older places on the island of Krk, Dobrinj is characterized by narrow streets and stitched built stone houses.

Little town still reflects on the ambiance of the old age, which is accompanied by sacral and ethnographic museum collections, the old bell tower and the nearby Jardin park, and Placa central square. On the stone engraved Glagolitic and the parts of the liturgy in the Old Slavic language, the i parish in Dobrinj is among the few ones that preserved the originality of the Old Slavic liturgy. Therefore, Church of St. Steven is one of the most significant cultural values not only of Dobrinj, but of the entire island of Krk.

This area has been an agricultural land for centuries, and Dobrinj itself is famous for its folklore events, an interesting folk costume and a home-made kitchen that for years enthusiasts the most demanding visitors. In recent years, Dobrinj has been a gathering place for many prominent artists thanks to summer exhibitions in the galleries Infeld and Hilger and the church-gallery of St. Anthony.

Apart from its rich cultural heritage and good gastronomic offer, it is interesting to note that near this old town lies the cave of Biserujka, the only one of fifty caves on the island decorated for reception. This natural landmark has been given to the treasure that has been found there, and for its beauty and fortified forms has been delighting visitors for years.

Thanks to the almost fairy-tale peace that ensures a naturally elevated position, the charming alleys, the spirit of the past and the tasty traditional food, the ancient Dobrinj will leave nobody indifferent.