Selce is a small place with a beautiful coastal view located in a natural bay near Crikvenica, Kvarner. It is certainly one of the most well known and most visited northern Adriatic destinations, especially due to its proximity and good traffic connections to the sites of continental Croatia.

Selce is spatially and administratively linked to the town of Crikvenica and is located within the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. The centre of Selce is only three kilometres away from the central square of Crikvenica, and two settlements are connected by a very beautiful footpath along the sea.

Historical findings indicate that this settlement dates back to Roman times, and according to official documents it is first mentioned in the 14th century as part of the Bribir Parish. In the Middle Ages for this region, along with agriculture and livestock farming, it was characterized by the cultivation of vines and olives, and the maritime and fisheries. In the recent times, more than 1,500 people are oriented primarily to tourist and hospitality activities.

The tourist tradition and heritage of this area is over a hundred years old, and it is linked to the 1880s and the construction of the first wooden beach. Further development of tourism in Selce has stimulated the construction and decoration of the campsite in the area of Slano bay at the beginning of the sixties of the last century. With its favourable geographic position and excellent traffic connections to the interior of Croatia, excellent climatic conditions, natural features and well-kept city space and a good tourist offer are continuously attracting more and more guests.

The mild Mediterranean climate offers over 2,500 sunny hours per year with an average summer temperature of 25 °C and an average annual temperature of 14 °C. The crystal-clear sea of pleasant summer temperatures between 23 and 25 °C from May to October provides excellent conditions for a long tourist season. Selce is also recognized as one of the centres for the treatment and rehabilitation of cardiac, rheumatic and respiratory diseases, with a particularly good offer of tourist accommodation such as hotels and private apartments and rooms.

With pure coastal air and pleasant temperatures, some of the most important tourist attractions of Selce are a great spatial-urbanistic design, historical architecture and port infrastructure. With well-equipped playgrounds, promenades, parks, paths and flower gardens, the town is dominated by very beautiful beaches marked with a blue flag, an international symbol of the beach's cleanliness and the purity and quality of the sea.

The inhabitants of Selce are extremely proud of the successive prizes for the most beautiful place in Kvarner, which is certainly accompanied by carefully preserved monuments of historic legacy. Among the most important are sacral objects such as the Chapel of St. Joseph with the works of the Venetian masters of this church of St. Katarina from the Baroque era.

It should also be noted that the harbour capacity of over 40,000 m2 covers the mooring site for 120 boats. Idyllic Selce for summer residence completes the availability of numerous entertainments, cultural and recreational facilities. With the sound of a klapa song and recital, Selce will offer a handful of gastronomic specialties and wine tastings, while evening outings can be complemented by visiting the terrace of one of the cafe bars and modern disco clubs, exhibitions, concerts and fishermen evenings and similar events. Those more actively, Selce will attract with sports and recreational facilities such as tennis, diving, water skiing, bicycle trails, etc.

Finally, Selce is the place for a variety of real estate properties for sale. Due to the variety of real estate deals, and their diverse prices, it can be said in general that Selce offers real estate for customers of different financial power.