Novi Vinodolski

Novi Vinodolski is a charming Kvarner town located on a steep hill in the south-eastern part of Vinodolska valley. Due to its favourable geographic position and good transport links, such as Crikvenica and its surrounding towns, it is one of the centres of weekend tourism. Due to the proximity of land centres, it is a very attractive destination that is visited throughout the year.

According to the latest census, some twenty more smaller settlements belonging to the New Vinodolski settlement have more than 5,000 inhabitants. The position of Novi Vinodolski in the hinterland of the island of Krk provides its very pleasant climatic characteristics. Its peoples enjoy the warm summers softened by light breeze and mild and humid winters. According to some estimates, the city has about 2,500 sunny hours per year, while the average winter air temperature is about 10, and in the summer around 29 °C. The sea warms up to 26 ° in the summer.

Earlier, the population of this region was engaged in the production of wine and the cultivation of agricultural crops such as rye, wheat, maize and the like, and today most of the inhabitants of Novi Vinodolski are oriented towards tourism, catering and related economic activities.

Like in nearby places, tourist beginnings were linked to the end of the 19th century, when several wooden platforms were set up as the first forms of today's beaches. In the years to come, the attractive bathing resorts and the first hotels to visit guests from the Central European region have developed. Significant development of tourism is linked to the middle and end of the 20th century, when the city is significantly urbanized.

Due to its medieval function of dams approaching the valley, Novi Vinodolski is shaped like a castle that closes the square interior with corner towers. Around the castle there has been a town with a vast rampart, whose northern and southern parts have been preserved to this day. The medieval structure of narrow and curving streets and facades, small squares and interesting urbanistic units has been preserved to this day. The medieval ambience associated with the mild Mediterranean climate and clean air provides a very pleasant feeling of staying in the city.

Novi Vinodolski abounds in various sacral monuments and is also known as the "cradle of legislation" of Vinodol. This is a great match for a very good catering and gastronomic offer. A range of nicely decorated cafes and restaurants offer great local wines and local fish specialties.

Today Novi Vinodolski has a very nice and neat town core, which encompasses a wide central city square and a long promenade. Along the coast there are several city baths that are characterized by the neatness and purity of the sea and the coast.

Apart from its natural beauties, a pleasant climate and a good gastronomic offer, Novi Vinodolski has a great nautical infrastructure. It is manifested in the form of two top marinas, the marine "Mitan" and the marina "Novi". Both are derived in accordance with the high standards of nautical tourism ports, with the Novi marina being the only Croatian marina categorized with the highest "5 anchors", which guarantees its customers a high level of safety and quality. Both because of their position and proximity are extremely interesting to domestic and middle-European boaters.

Although it is a small town, because of the great number of people in this place there is a lot of interest in buying real estate in this area. Most real estate deals include the sale of apartments, but it is also possible to find other types of facilities such as houses and land. Relatively lower real estate prices compared to the island of Krk, Opatija and Crikvenica make this destination more accessible to the wider society layers.