Dramalj is a well-known tourist place and one of the favourite summer destinations of the Northern Adriatic and Kvarner. The place is located within the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, approximately 30 km from Rijeka. Dramalj administratively belongs to more famous town of Crikvenica. Even spatially, Dramalj relies entirely on Crikvenica, stretching from its Black Mole in the south to a tourist settlement on the Kačjak peninsula in the northwest. The excellent geographical position of Dramalj as one of the closest coastal destinations on the Croatian coast has greatly contributed to the emergence, development and growth of this place.

Dramalj is dominated by a mild Mediterranean climate, characterized by sunny, hot and dry summers and mild and windy winters. The summer temperature of this area exceeds 35 °C, and the sea temperature is often increasing to a very pleasant 27 °C. In the winter, the air temperature rarely falls below 5 °C, and often rises to 20 °C. Described climatic conditions have created conditions for low Mediterranean vegetation, boron and greenery, and generally favour pleasant living, population and tourist development.

There is not much written evidence about the origin of Dramalj, but certain toponymic traces are suggested to have been around roughly between the 6th and 7th centuries, under the original Greek name Dram. This name in the translation was an old-fashioned measure for the mass, and by the arrival of Croats it was adapted to the expression of the newly-populated population in Dramalj. It should be noted that the name used for this place in the past was often called St. Jelena, according to the parish of the same name, which was the administrative centre of the place. It is assumed that the site originated as a long trade route, as well as the shelter and accommodation of seafarers at the time, and its later expansion seemed to have helped the construction of the road during Napoleon's rule here.

People in Dramalj have traditionally been engaged in fisheries, masonry, sculpture and poultry trade and silkworms. According to the latest demographic data collected, Dramalj has approximately 1,400 inhabitants, mostly oriented towards tourist and hospitality activities.

In this area, due to good geographical and climatic conditions, tourism has begun to develop in the late 19th century, while in the second half of the 20th century begins the massive arrival of tourists, hunters and hikers in this area. Since then, significant growth, development and the intensive construction and expansion of Dramalj, which is today an extremely tourist destination, is beginning to grow, with abundant private villas, urban holiday buildings and luxurious apartments, offering and diversity of tourist accommodation.

The resort is very well planned, so the streets and facilities are beautifully incorporated into the coastal environment, keeping its natural beauty and peculiarities. According to some estimations, Dramalj has about 4,000 beds, out of which about 750 are for hotel accommodation, and the rest is allocated to the resort and camp, and smaller private rented rooms, apartment houses etc.

Dramalj is recognizable for its natural attractions - the Kačjak peninsula, on which is located place of the same name with mobile homes, a sports and recreational centre with sports grounds, a disco club and a restaurant with a beautiful panoramic view of the Kvarner Bay and the nearby island of Krk.

The offer of gastronomy, socio-cultural events and other contents of Dramalj is connected to Crikvenica, the place has only several restaurants and shops, a public library and a social home that hosts events such as cocktails, carnivals, etc. Besides the mild Mediterranean climate, plenty of sun and crystal clear sea and beaches, Dramalj offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy events such as traditional fishermen evenings, tennis and boating tournaments and fishing. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of visitors to Dramalj during the summer months is tripling compared to the number of residents.

Given all the prerequisites for quality living or vacation in this location, most of the properties that are being sold in Dramalj are above average quality and often at the required locations, so their price will not match everyone's budget. It can be said that it is also on average higher than the real estate price in the nearby Crikvenica Riviera area. However, a significant number of customers looking for a peaceful and comfortable vacation are gravitating to this narrow and beautifully landscaped place.